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Keyword Research & Web Copywriting

As a companion to my presentation on Keyword Research and Web Copywriting, this post goes into a bit more detail. I got a lot of the facts I have used here from a very good book, The Art of SEO (which is on our MA reading list) and from the website I believe these to be very good, useful resources that we should get familiar with.

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Grids in Web Design


In the now famous words of Paul Rand, “Design is relationships. Design is a relationship between form and content.” (Kroeger 2008 p. 18) This is a very simple but profound definition of design and a journey through the history of design shows that establishing and ordering that relationship have been at the core of a lot of the developmental strides taken in the generic field of design. In the drive for the continuous improvement, one of the manifestations of our pre-occupation with order has been the breakthrough and subsequent gradual improvement of the grid system.

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What I Learned This Week Part 1 (18/01/2012)

This is the first of seven posts I will be doing for the Content Management Course that we are taking this term. Each week, I will do a post about “What I learned this week,” more for my learning than anything else. Hmmm… isn’t this whole course for “my learning”?

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Website Launch

Hello everyone

This is just a short post to inform everyone of the launch of my new website This does not take the place of my blog but my course work will appear there henceforth.

I look forward to us doing big things together “Enjoy the ride”.

New Client Websites

The Dead Sea Squirrels

The Dead Sea Squirrels is an upcoming indie rock band from Sheffield.
These are my suggestions for their website: This site should contain a strong brand identity on which the band can build. A picture of Band members lying down (like dead squirrels) on a simple pier with a microphone standing in the foreground. This theme should also be used on their album cover when they do release one. Or, as is usual, a new site with the current album art will be built whenever a new album is being promoted. View full article »

3 Examples of Good Website Design

Five Times August

Five Times AugustThis wonderfully simple website for music recording artiste Bradley James under the name Five Times August is one of the few “music sites” that have a home feel about it. View full article »

3 Examples of Good Design

Window in My Room

One of the best designs I have seen in quite a while, is the window in my room. Whenever I look outside, I most often find myself taking a bit of time to admire this “classic work of art.” This window looks alot like most other windows out there but scores very highly in functionality. View full article »