Nearly two weeks done

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Jun 232011

Hi Team

Well nearly finished a tough task – I was asked to learn how to use a commercial joomla template to build a website from a design already live. This is my go – I had to add a different background on a different page and generally make the site look like the one already up and running. Tough task but learnt a lot about joomla templating. The ship mask background was my own idea.

More to follow………

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Intern week one – Joomla site 1.5.3 – introducing modules and cool stuff

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Jun 172011

First week done – installed 1.6 version to find out we dont use yet so started again with 1.5.3. We Joomla a lot to develop customers sites so learning with a vengeance how it all works .See first attempts ……

Here is a first go at Joomla 1.5.3 – started adding RSS feeds (my uni blog) and using a extension called Zoo to add my own blog from Joomla

All basic but learning

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Internship started – boxchilli media

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Jun 142011


Decided to post about the internship I have started and keep a diary of progress and learnings to share.

First day – I have started learning Joomla 1.6.3 – I will learn how to build and develop a site and I have decided to adapt the task to end up with an internship site for the company so as I learn I can leave a learning resource for the next student.

Learning Joomla today from a book called Joomla! 1.5 Beginner’s Guide.pdf

More to follow ……

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