– building the SEO

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Aug 312011


Well busy working on SEO for my thesis site . I have found some new tools and will post any good findings as I work to improve the ratings of the site. Still need to get more links – I think I will write a few articles and get them published too. The list grows of things to do.

Today looking at website called to check if anyone is using my new copy !! Will report all !

My hit list at present for getting into the page rank ratings war

  1. Code check
  2. Speed site- explore compression and smaller size pics etc
  3. Add links
  4. And then breath !!!


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Drive traffic to thesis site – new journal added using Expression Engine

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Aug 172011

To help drive traffic to my thesis site and also to help develop my own portfolio site I built a journal for myself in Expression Engine – formats I can post video, quote, general entry, quote and links – used a great tutorial to do it

Other SEO work

Also added links to my site and been writing to lots of related sites for links – this so far is not easy but I will continue to try and get some good solid link backs. Build a facebook page for Talk Medical Online site and here it is

The work goes on for SEO – the writing of the analysis report has highlighted shortfall areas – needed new sitemap with Google – needed to get yahoo account working (it wasn’t) – needed to register Talk Medical with DMOZ – needed links in !!! And more and more …..

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Last week of internship

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Aug 092011

Quick update — well last week of internship – this month I have designed and built a new customer site – still ongoing but design been accepted by client . They are having new logo etc – but really pleased with the initial stuff – take a sneak preview –

Lots of challenges here – built on Joomla using some nice content management stuff provided by K2 – allows you to reuse and reuse content – which is very smart !

I have learnt a ton about working with clients on this internship – and really most important thing which cannot be reiterated is get the detail signed off and do photoshop comps first – saves a ton a time – then build.  You will be tempted to drive on but go back and check the detail with the client particularly if you are making over an old site as clients are really attached to old content and their previous navigation. Inspire them to do it differently and factor in SEO as an extra cost upfront – then you take the time to do the extras as you go as opposed to reverse engineering poor naming etc – SEO should be extra in the deal as it takes considerably more planning etc.

Hard work but great experience – internship is great for getting real in web design

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