My Thesis Project Initial Idea

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Jan 072013

Project Title:
Teachers Assistant
An interactive site that enables educators to find schemes of work, lesson plans and resources for a specific unit and allow them to add more to improve the quality. (137/140 Characters).
Elevator Pitch:
This is a site that through Collaborative sharing and focus on best practice teachers can share and access any exam board unit and resources and documentation needed for class. This site will be designed to allow the generation of lesson plans instantly through the click of a button, which runs a query to access the information from a scheme of work that has been entered on to the system. Members to the site will be able to select from a range of sector areas, members will also be able to create on screen schemes of work and upload resources to specific weeks topics. (103/140 Words).
Target Group:
The Problem:
The education sector is one that currently is experiencing dramatic changes throughout all levels, from pre-school to university. These changes continue to keep educators on their toe’s in that they are required to have at their disposal resources and knowledge that in turn will be made available to the learners to allow them to understand themselves and for them to meet unit learning aims and objectives along with other assessment requirements. These materials are becoming harder to find, even when using the Internet and libraries. Which ultimately results in the teachers using planning time to create and manufacture resources to enable this learning.
However as mentioned earlier the changes in education is creating more and more paperwork, meetings, and more importantly taking time away from the educators to create these resources. Additional to these changes created by government policy changes are the “shelf Life” of qualifications, these are determined my OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). The standard life of a set qualification is approximately 4 years as an average.
This problem leads the educators to create these materials in their own time, in the evenings and weekends at home. The problem here is people can get protective of these home made resources and are less likely to share them, even amongst colleagues and office friends.
Adding Value:
It is intended by the creation of this site that educators are enabled to create enhanced SOW’s and resources by simply building upon the ones made available on the site, and though doing this the time factor of creating and sourcing material will be reduced allowing for the educators to deliver Outstanding grade lessons based on the OFSTED (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) common inspection framework (CIF) Guidelines.
It is intended that this site create a small revenue stream to enable coverage of costs associated to its running and upkeep. The site could look to a free trial subscription that allows access to restricted units and associated resources, and paid subscriptions that offers a user specific sectors, i.e ICT, Health and Social Care or a full access subscription that allows all access pass.
I would like to incorporate anyone that uses the system to be able to create a custom layout of the information stored in the database, this would enable the user to create a theme that is consistent to that of the organisation that they may work for.
Unique Selling Point (USP):
From initial research made there appears to be no site that offers a service like the proposed project stated here. This Site will enable the creation, submission of Schemes of Work (SOW’s) that are detailed and include resources for a specific unit, within a given qualification.
Legal Considerations:
Further research is required around the Intellectual Property (IP) of any works submitted and also the copywriting of any materials that are part of the submissions made.
Non Cognate Websites: – This is a large scale resource sharing, teacher related site, the site offers information regarding the available jobs in the sector additional to the teacher forums for discussions, however this site doesn’t link to specific qualifications and the resources are general. – This is a site that offers resources for keystage’s 3- 5 specific to ICT. This site offers material that can be used as supplementary material to main resources, again there are no links to specific qualification units.