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Sep 192012

GuitarSpec is up and running, register now for full access to the site and help build the database by adding guitars and videos.

Ampersand 2012

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Jun 172012

My notes from some of the speakers at last Friday’s Ampersand conference in Brighton.

Yves Peters Detail in Web Typography

Choosing a Font

  • Narrow your search by requirements
  • Consider aesthetic preferences last
  • Consider:
    1. Formal aspects
    2. Historical context
    3. Cultural references

Functional Criteria

The OpenType format provides:

  • Unicode character encoding for support of multiple scripts
  • Cross platform support
  • Advanced placement features (e.g. kerning)
  • Advanced replacement features (e.g. ligatures)

Font dimensions:

  • X height
  • Cap height
  • Ascender
  • Descender
  • Small-cap height

Numeral types:

Typesetting Numbers

© J. Bear

Fake small caps:

  1. Decrease cap size
  2. Increase weight
  3. Increase tracking

Make correct use of spacing entities:

  • non-breaking space  
  • thin space  
  • en space  
  • em space  
  • punctuation space  
  • figure space  

Veronika Burian & Jose Scaglione Typographic Matchmaking

Font Selection

  1. Morphology/funciton
    • Title or text?
    • Continuous or fragmented reading?
  2. Technical Aspects
    • Reproduction method
    • Media
    • Screen optimisation
  3. Aesthetics
    • Appearance vs. content
    • Volume and visibility
    • Relationships between fonts
  4. Economics
    • Price
    • Amount of licenses
    • Efficiency

Typographic Matchmaking

  • Start by choosing one typephase or family
  • You don’t have to use branding fonts in other contexts, find other ways to incorporate branding
  • Compare fonts by setting to the same x-height (optical size)
  • Contrasting sans-serif with serif with similar properties to maintain balance
  • Organic (handwritten, calligraphic) vs. mechanic (restrained, formal)

“Focusing on contrast makes combining fonts easier”

  • Make use of hierarchy and dominant/submissive pairings
  • ‘Super families’ are font sets containing matched versions (sans-serif, serif, mono-space etc.)
  • It’s harder to combine two sans-serif fonts, which need strong contrast to be differentiated

Laurence Penney Hacking the Stack

  • CSS font fallback works at character level, allowing hierarchical sub-setting
  • For example, old style numbers taken from one font and all other characters from a different font
  • Subset files must only contain the characters to be replaced
  • font-family: 'subset 1', 'subset 2', 'default', 'fall-backs';
  • Make custom fonts for special characters/icons e.g. arrows
  • Doesn’t require extra mark-up, maintaining separation of content and presentation

Jake Archibald In Your @font-face

Browser Support

  • IE – .eot
  • Other browsers – .woff
  • Older browsers – .ttf
  • Older IOS – .svg

Optimising Font Files

  • Remove unwanted glyphs (font squirrel)
  • Gzip TrueType fonts
  • Speed up subset loading with ‘unicode-range’ rule


  • IE loads the content first and then updates the fonts
  • Webkit waits for the font files before displaying the dependent content
  • Firefox allows 3 seconds before loading a fallback font
  • IE8 shows nothing until all files have loaded (move @font-face styles to the top of the head to fix this)
  • WebFont Loader provides control over the loading behavior for all platforms
  • Serve at least .eot and .ttf
  • Avoid downloading unnecessary files
  • Show content first
  • Make files as small as possible

Elliot Jay Stocks Enhancing the Future

Typography plugins by Trent Walton:

  • Lettering.js – automates character level style control
  • FitText.js – scalable text for responsive headlines

Developing CSS Features

Enable/disable ligatures and kerning:

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility | optimizeSpeed | geometricPrecision 
| auto | inherit;

Select subsets/style sets:

/* use small-cap alternate glyphs */
.smallcaps { font-feature-settings: "smcp" on; }

/* convert both upper and lowercase to small caps */
.allsmallcaps { font-feature-settings: "c2sc", "smcp"; }

/* enable historical forms */
.hist { font-feature-settings: "hist"; }

/* disable common ligatures, usually on by default */
.noligs { font-feature-settings: "liga" 0; }

/* enable tabular (monospaced) figures */
td.tabular { font-feature-settings: "tnum"; }

/* enable automatic fractions */
.fractions { font-feature-settings: "frac"; }

/* use the second available swash character */
.swash { font-feature-settings: "swsh" 2; }

/* enable stylistic set 7 */
.fancystyle {
  font-family: Gabriola; /* available on Windows 7, and on Mac OS */
  font-feature-settings: "ss07";


  • Consider the typephase – does it contain the features?
  • Consider the file – is it OpenType?
  • Consider the browser – which features are supported?
  • Consider the user – will it break?
  • Test OpenType in the browser with Type Cast

.htaccess and other oddities

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Mar 102012


  • Hypertext Access File
    • Custom error pages
    • Password protection
    • Redirects form one file to another
    • Rewrite URLs
    • Prevent hotlinks
    • Used to override default server configuration settings
    • Originally used to create password protection
    • When using passwords, each protected folder has its own .htaccess file
    • Always use a custom 404 page to allow users to continue browsing more easily
    • Error Document 404 /error/404.html
  • Password Protection
    • Good for developing live sites
    • .htacces folder in the folder to be protected as well as .htpasswrd
    • Create custom 401 page
    • User name and password in .htpasswrd
    • username:password (MD5 encryption)
  • Redirection
    • 301 redirct shows search engine that a permanent change has been made
    • Redirects users to new page/folder
    • Redirect 301 (old path) (new path)
    • 302 for temporary moves
  • Rewriting URLs
    • For canonicalization (www. vs. non www.)
    • Rationalize top level domains ( to .com)
    • Rewrite generated URLs to SEO friendly ones
  • Prevent Hotlinking
    • If files are requested by another server, issue a failed request
    • Can be used to serve custom images/messages instead of requested file


  • Designed to help bots interpret your site
  • Similar to HTML syntax


  • Tells robots which pages/folders shouldn’t be indexed
  • Always use robots.txt to prevent unnecessary 404 errors


  • Always use .ico file type for full browser support
  • No need to link to the file if ‘favicon.ico’ is in the root


  • File permissions, default is 644 and 755 for folders
  • Only change permissions on files and folders when necessary for security reasons
    • 644 – all can read, only server can write
    • 666 – all can write
    • 777 – all can execute

Social Media

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Mar 102012

Online Communities

  • Communities of transaction
    • Improved marketing model
    • Users generate interest in products though reviews
  • Communities of interest
    • Connecting to people with simple interests
    • Support and feedback
    • Free content for websites
    • Networking for industry
  • Communities of fantasy
    • Anonymity
    • Escapism
  • Communities of relationship
    • Social networking
    • Dating sites
    • Meeting people and staying in touch

Facebook for Business

  • Facebook Connect, more relevant to users, highly targetted
  • Facebook Ads
    • Promotes your page
    • Like button increases influence
    • Analytics on ad performance

Successful Pages

  • Build a large fan base to receive updates
  • Provide unique/exclusive content
  • Regular updates, relevant not trivial
  • Quality information
  • Encourage people to share links to your page/site
  • At 25 links you can set a custom URL for your page

Twitter for Business

  • Limited in terms of post content
  • Better for targeting users outside of your current following
  • Twitter API to show feed on your website
  • Search widget shows tweets relating to a search term

Youtube for Business

  • Good for tutorials/guides – feature highly in Google search
  • Embed videos on your website

Revenue Streams

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Feb 262012


  • Is the success of your site measured by revenue generation?
  • Higher priced products pay more for advertising
  • Targeted ads are relevant to the context of your site
  • Pages should be designed with standard ad spaces accounted for
  • IAB sets voluntary guidelines for online advertising standards, including suggested file sizes
  • Inventory – available ad spaces on your site with placements for each template

Types of Advertising

  • None – eCommerce sites may wish to focus on their own products, may not be appropriate for public services websites
  • Values Added – contextual ads, visible yet discrete and mainly used for extra income
  • Ads as Main Income – contextual ads, highly visible but shouldn’t affect usability
  • Aggressive – pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays etc.

Advertising Networks

Advertising Pricing Models

  • CPM – cost per thousand (milli) impressions, varied by market forces and position on page
  • CPC – cost per click, varied by market forces
  • ECPM – effective cost per click, comparison between CPM and CPC (e.g. if a 20p ad is displayed 1000 times ECPM would be £2)
  • Tenancy – flat rate agreed between publisher and advertiser, not determined by impressions or clicks although these could be used as a guide
  • CPS – cost per sale, also known as revenue sharing (affiliate sales)

Ad Management Software

  • For larger websites, manages ad placement for multiple advertisers
  • Favours advertisers who are paying the most money

Affliate Schemes


  • Users pay for access to content on a yearly/monthly basis
  • Includes magazines, educational resources, web apps etc.
  • ‘Hard Pay Wall’ – no content is accessible without payment
  • ‘Soft Pay Wall’ – some content is available free without subscription


  • Initially providing product/service for free, with premium version being offered alongside
  • Encourages users to upgrade and pay for premium model and builds popularity
  • Free version should be useful on its own, not just a promotional tool
  • Expect between 2-5% of users to upgrade to premium version
  • Can be subsidised by advertising
  • Generally useful for digital products e.g. software, online services

Analytics and Competitor Research

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Feb 162012

Google Analytics


  • Monitoring traffic and usage of your website
  • Which browsers are being used?
  • How did they find you?
  • Which pages are being viewed most?
  • How long users are spending on each page and the whole site

Other Features

  • Real-time to monthly reports
  • Keyword usage
  • Search box analysis
  • Filters to create custom reports
  • Site overlay report


  • Link with adwords
  • Set up monetary goals
  • Shows which ad placements provide the best outcomes
  • Campaign reports and e-mail alerts


  • Track sales by setting conversion goals
  • Times between initial visit and transaction
  • Cart abandonment analysis

Similar Services

Google Webmaster Tools

  • Gives tips on how to improve your site
  • Reports on your search engine performance
  • On-page SEO reports, which keywords from your site are most significant
  • E-mail alerts for malware
  • Highlights crawl errors (file not found etc.)
  • Displays warnings about meta description and title tags for each page
  • Option to upload an xml site map to ensure full site indexing
  • Exclude certain sub-links from appearing beneath Google results
  • Lower robot revisit rate, may be necessary in case of limited server performance

Split Testing

  • Google Webmaster Optimizer
  • Also called A/B testing
  • Shows 50% of users one version of a page whilst the other 50% see an alternative
  • Follows users to track conversion rates from each design variant
  • Process of refinement by discarding poorer designs and trying many different alterations
  • Multi-varient testing allows simultaneous combinations of elements and layouts to be analysed at the same time

Competitor Research

  • Use Google Keyword Tool to identify keyword strategies of competitors
  • Website grading tools e.g. Hubspot provide marketing reports (on-site and off-site SEO)
  • Heuristic evaluation (evaluating UI with regards to usability standards)


  • Free or premium service for site analysis and competitor research/comparison
  • Includes open site explorer
  • Competitive link finder, finds important inbound links on competitor sites

Google Alerts

  • Get e-mail alerts bout where your site is being to and who’s writing about it
  • Can also be used to follow web presence of competitor sites


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Feb 112012
  • b-c – business to customer
  • b-b – business to business (extranets)
  • b-e – business to employee (intranets)

Types of eCommerce

  • Goods for delivery (amazon etc.)
  • Downloads (music, films, software)
  • Online banking
  • Services (web hosting, mail services etc.)

Conversion Rates

  • The percentage of users achieving the goal of the site
  • Opposite factor to bounce rate
  • Average is 2.3%, highest being ~9%
  • Can be improved by
    • quality content, targeted to user
    • trust and credibility
    • goal oriented design
    • A/B testing
    • User reviews/testimonials
    • usable/accessible design

eCommerce Content Management Systems

Other Solutions

  • eBay
    • Good marketing tool and point of sale
    • Wide reaching
    • High cost of selling
  • E-Junkie
    • ‘Buy now’ button cart service
    • Good for low volume sales
  • Affiliates
    • Selling your products on other websites
    • Referred sales via banner ads
    • Host site take a cut of the sale, usually ~10%
    • Good for SEO, inbound links
  • Voucher codes and price comparison sites

Cart Abandonment

  • Consider removing navigation/promotional elements from checkout pages
  • No hidden fees during checkout, be upfront with price
  • Don’t force membership, offer one-off purchase
  • Don’t ask for too much personal information
  • Build trust, show payment gateway logo and phone number
  • Progress indicator to show the length of the process
  • Postcode look-up, speeds up data entry
  • User friendly form submission, micro-copy describing field requirements, client side verification via jQuery
  • Offer separate billing/delivery addresses but don’t make users type them twice
  • Keep cart session alive for as long as possible
  • Gentle cross selling can be good but don’t overdo it
  • Provide a link back to the product, e.g. via thumbnail
  • Make it easy to edit the cart throughout

Payment gateways

  • Security and authentication are handled by the company
  • Customers are protected if transaction falls through
  • CMS will support connection to payment gateway
  • WorldPay, Sage Pay and Pay Point all require an internet merchant account where 10% is held back for six months
  • Typical fees 3-5% depending on volume

Web Marketing and SEO

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Feb 022012

Keyword Research and Web Copy Writing

  • Delicious – social bookmarking for keyword research
  • Start with primary keywords and make combinations based on them
  • Focus on niche terms specific to your market or industry
  • Wordtracker – online tool for developing keywords
  • 5-7% keyword density

Web Marketing and Sponsored Links


  • Pay per click advertising
  • Based on keywords
  • Targets specific users who are most likely to convert


  • Decided by how much money has been paid
  • Relevance to search terms
  • Good for small companies, no minimum spend
  • Set a daily spending limit
  • Choose how much you want to pay per click
  • Targets users based on keywords
  • Consider conversion rates and projected ROI

Keyword Research

  • Google Keywords Tool – shows data relating to keywords
  • Type root words into Google and and check auto-complete for suggestions
  • Target long tail search terms to begin with – less traffic but higher page rank
  • Keyword meta tag no longer used by major search engines
  • URLs should reflect website structure to aid search engine indexing

Off Site SEO

  • Inbound links are the most influential to search engine performance
  • Links from authoritative sites, related to your industry are best
  • One way, unprompted and unpaid links are considered the most important
  • Share buttons can encourage people to link to your site
  • Good content, incentives e.g. free downloads
  • Link exchange – swapping links with other related sites
  • Related advertising, from companies related to your industry, not competitors
  • Social media links/shares are increasingly important
  • Link directories e.g. Yahoo provide site reviews and listings that are trusted by search engines
  • Free directories are free-for-all and probably don’t help SEO
  • Niche directories are good for specific industry listings
  • Influencing anchor tag text for inbound links can help SEO e.g. providing html for share links

Google Places

  • good way to provide information about your business
  • Shows the physical location on Google Maps
  • Listed in search results

Article Marketing

  • Web masters write articles reviewing their sites with a link to the site
  • Increase page rank via inbound links and shared traffic
  • Self placed link, not as valuable

Guest Blogging

Press Releases

  • Services that send press releases to important blogs/publications/journalists
  • Links to the site

RSS Feeds

  • Updates are pushed to subscribers
  • Configure to show headline/links
  • Can be embedded into other websites

Viral Marketing

  • Creates widespread interest in a video or game instigated by the company
  • Creates a buzz around your brand
  • Can be seen by large volumes of people

E-mail Marketing

  • Don’t trick users into signing up – make it opt-in
  • Make newsletter content useful
  • Make it clear what users will get
  • Don’t buy e-mail addresses
  • Provide a web version of the e-mail
  • Must be designed using tables
  • Don’t rely on images as they may be removed
  • Test in different e-mail clients

Typography Example

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Feb 012012
urbanoff homepage

Urbanoff Homepage

Good Points

  • Strong use of type as a graphic element for branding
  • Variation in weights and styles creates visual interest and distinction between elements
  • Use of drop-cap in introductory text draws attention and works well with serif font
  • Engraved appearance of header font and use of drop shadows create visual depth

Bad Points

  • Some poor contrast (blue on blue)
  • Banner image has no text to support accessibility
  • Perhaps used too many fonts instead of adapting a couple for different purposes

Content Strategy

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Jan 302012


  • Useful, enabling user to reach their goal
  • Unique, meaning that users have to visit your site to access it
  • Authoritative, written by and attributed to a credible source
  • Influences SEO, good content is favoured by search engines and attracts incoming links and social media

Content Planning

  • Should be updated regularly
  • Plan a schedule for adding new content
  • Out of date content can cause loss of page rank
  • Blogs are an easy way of generating new content

User Generated Content

  • Content that is produced by the users of a website
  • Allows people to publish and share information related to a particular subject
  • Oysters – paid contributors creating positive reviews to promote brands

Style and Tonality

  • Use of aesthetic elements
  • Consistent writing style
  • Meaning is generated through the type of content
  • Bringing elements together to make a distinguishable whole
  • Media Equation – People tend to treat media, such as computers, as real people and places
  • Style Guide – A collection of all stylistic elements (e.g. tone of voice, images, branding and layouts) that go together to make the visual style of a website or brand

Writing for the Web

  • Users are known to scan read webpages, rarely reading word for word
  • Using headlines helps people to scan and attracts attention
  • Find your audience and write for them
  • Use newspaper type structure: lead » 2nd most important » 3rd most…