How much you can make on SEO

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May 052012

Well you know you need to make a living from webdesign. I am mixing web design and SEO and it is working well. I start with improving sites that are live and new work just falls off it without networking hard or spending any money on advertising. Current fees are about £600+ a month from SEO stuff. I will put more tit bits up. Worse bit s you have to hack other designers work and that is time consuming and everything breaks !! Best bit you learn from others mistakes!!!!!

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3 Websites – Analysis of SEO

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Feb 232011

For this assignment I will start by looking at a couple of websites that are relevant to my thesis project.

1. is the website of Trent Reznor’s band, Nine Inch Nails. Reznor has pioneered innovative approaches to digital distribution of music as well as allowing non-restrictive interactivity with original audio content. This is particularly relevant to my current thesis project. Continue reading »

Site redesign – SEO at the forefront

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Dec 142010

Bicycle Doctor – optimisation journey

The sketch start map for the redesign is shown below:

Redesign Bicycle Doctor

Redesign Bicycle Doctor

As I have progressed through the redesign I have considered SEO whenever possible. The first thing I did was take a snap shot of the current website to see how it was performing against several tools.

Statistics are as follows from  Domain Tools:

Overall SEO score = 86%

Website’s title 42% relevant to its content

The keywords relevancy = 51% – improvement to be made here

 Google Trends tool shows that only really bike has reasonable search volumes so more keywords with higher search volumes should be utilised

Website consists of 13  images, of which 1 is missing alt tag.

No inbound links are recorded -38   (Internal: 25, Outbound: 12)

Tool  Website Grader – gives following results The website ranks 96,054 of the 3,109,240 websites that have been ranked so far.

A website grade of 96/100 for means that of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 96%of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. This is not a bad result the presence of blog was  noted and this was stated as a good SEO addition.

Alexa already provided data for previous post . Top search words = bicycle doctor(10.4%) and bike doctor (3.53% and bike frame size (2.95%) gave a google page rank =4

Notes on SEO:Actions that should be a priority:

  1. More inbound links
  2. Keywords from google tool google adwords to be added to content (See lists below)
  3. Twitter and Facebook social networking to be included
  4. Blog is present – ensure regular updates
  5. Reviews to be done on a weekly basis to add new content to front page
  6. Improve keywords in content – ensure good keywords by search volume are used

Google adwords top local monthly keywords :

mountain bike
mt bike
racing games

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