App production and web design

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May 032011

This is an expanded version of a presentation that I gave in class on the 23rd of March 2011. Original presentation (pdf).

How are apps produced and how could they work as an alternative or supporting publishing format for web content creators?

What is an App?

Strictly speaking ‘app’ is just an abbreviation of the word ‘application’ and so could be applied to any piece of software. However with the rise of the smartphone, and in particular the introduction of Apple’s App Store, it has acquired a more specific meaning: a software application which runs natively on the operating system of a smartphone or tablet computer. Although the word app was at one time closely associated with Apple’s iPhone, it has now assumed a more generic meaning. Continue reading »

A very short post about Apps

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Mar 252011

I was reading a blog post by Ethan Marcotte today and he neatly summed up one of the points I was trying to make in my (slightly rambling) presentation the other day:

“But let’s say that your project—or more specifically, your audience—is better served by a mobile-/tablet-/$DEVICE-specific experience. Heck, I’ve worked on a number of projects that benefitted from that approach: where a separate mobile site was needed, and where a responsive approach would’ve been less than ideal. That decision wasn’t driven by any “mobile vs. desktop” mindset, though: it was dictated by research, by our content strategy, and by studying the needs of that site’s particular audience.”

Apps are fine, websites are fine but context is everything and the audience is king. I’ll be writing up my presentation soon.