WebPage Design Class 2: What Is Web Design

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Oct 012011

Five things I learned this week

  1. Golden Ratio. I would never imagine that there is something common between ipod and my ancestors! (Oh, yes and that I have to keep in mind that 0.618 is important).
  2. Ockham’s Razor. In order to simplify it, I noted down: “The most simple wins”.
  3. That we should be grateful to Tim Berners-Lee. For all his contribution. I wonder when he will become more famous than Bill Gates..
  4. We should keep our designs simple and not let them to be very complicated or flashy, otherwise they are likely to fail.
  5. That jQuery and JavaScript belong to the behavioral layer. Client-side scripting. Hey! What about PHP? I know, I know.. I don’t have to be hasty..

Is there more?