Grids in Web Design

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Feb 062012


In the now famous words of Paul Rand, “Design is relationships. Design is a relationship between form and content.” (Kroeger 2008 p. 18) This is a very simple but profound definition of design and a journey through the history of design shows that establishing and ordering that relationship have been at the core of a lot of the developmental strides taken in the generic field of design. In the drive for the continuous improvement, one of the manifestations of our pre-occupation with order has been the breakthrough and subsequent gradual improvement of the grid system.

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3 Examples of Good Design

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Oct 122011

Window in My Room

One of the best designs I have seen in quite a while, is the window in my room. Whenever I look outside, I most often find myself taking a bit of time to admire this “classic work of art.” This window looks alot like most other windows out there but scores very highly in functionality. Continue reading »

3 examples of good design (not websites)

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Oct 012011


This notebook is covered with oil cloth therefore is durable. It has thread bound pages, acid free paper, elastic closure, bookmark and inner pocket made from card.




The key is a good design. It is made from metal so is durable. This key will only open the lock that it is designed to open. It has a hole in the top which has a coil for a key ring or for attaching it to something so it does not get lost.




The pencil design is good because it uses a material that can be easily held and used for writing, the lines that it makes can be rubbed out easily using the rubber that is on the end of the pencil.