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Oct 052010

The Dead Sea Squirrels

Wild Beasts

This was going to be the Arctic Monkeys website but since they seem to be suffering a database catastrophe I’ve gone for Wild Beasts instead. The reason for this is that my 15 year old cousin and all her friends really like them and they are all much cooler than me. I was underwhelmed by the visual design of the site but the strong prominence of the shop and the social media icons offer a good starting point for considering structure and hierarchy. I think that band websites are declining in importance in terms of providing static content – gigs and single releases are much better promoted through Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and iTunes. Having a strong social media profile is important and offering clear links to it on the website is essential. A great deal of money is made from merchandise and shopping is still something people will want to use the website for so making the link to the store highly visible is a smart move.

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