Three examples of good design

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Oct 052010

Aeropress coffee maker

Aerobie aeropress

The Aerobie Aeropress

This is an Aerobie Aeropress. Although it looks like a giant syringe (with accessories) it’s actually a coffee press. What I love about this design is the purity of both its ambition and its form. The designer wanted to do one thing, which was to make a really good double espresso. He researched existing methods of brewing coffee, identied the pros and cons of each one and approached the project without any preconceptions about what a coffee maker should look like or how it should work. Continue reading »

Three examples of good websites

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Oct 052010


Visit the Bitmob website

The Bitmob website

The reason I like this website so much is because it is trying to do something different. Bitmob is a community driven games journalism website. The community is open and each member of the community has a blog. The posts from all the blogs are aggregated into the ‘mobfeed’ and automatically added to both the website and the RSS feed. Not unlike our course blogs in fact! This provides a ready made audience which is a difficult thing to come by in an area as saturated with blogs as gaming. Continue reading »