Pinning down the process

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Nov 092010

Pinning down the Process

Rather than making a start on the specifics of the project this week, I decided to spend some time pinning down my own design and development process. Although this process reflects the way that I already work this is the first time I’ve taken the opportunity to really think about what I do, and why.

I am, fundamentally, a scatterbrain. If I want to be organised and methodical I really have to work at it. In my previous life as an English student I tended to be all over the place. My essays would be a series of unconnected paragraphs, notes, quotations and references which would miraculously come together ten minutes before they were due in. This worked fine for me at the time but it’s not an approach that would work in any other situation and certainly not in web design. I can only imagine the look on the face of a client if, the day before their website launched, I presented them with a seemingly unrelated collection of sketches, paperwork and broken code and a promise that ‘it will all come together in the end.’ Continue reading »

Baseline grid

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Oct 232010

A few of us were having a discussion about using a baseline grid during the break on Wednesday afternoon, and I said I’d post a link to an example with the grid showing. So, here it is:

It’s based on Richard Rutter’s article Compose to a Vertical Rhythm which was published on 24 Ways several years ago. Continue reading »

The top five things I learnt in week four

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Oct 232010
  1. Putting an image in a paragraph will help with layout and CSS. I’ve always put images outside of paragraphs before, but putting it at the start of a paragraph will ensure that it fits nicely into the document. It also means that first child selctor rules (like h1+p) will work fine even if the image needs to appear immediately under the parent element.
  2. Alpha transparency can be used now! It’s well supported by modern browsers and although it might look ugly in older browsers, it shouldn’t break your website. Continue reading »

Week 2 course work

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Oct 132010

My week 2 course work website is now up. The two biggest questions I had were 1. the proper use of the ‘alt’ attribute and 2. whether to use the <h1> tag for the site title, or the page title.

The first question was answered by an article on It’s quite a long article, but it provided a clear explanation and some well-worked examples.The point the author makes is that context is the most important thing to consider when deciding what text to use. Continue reading »