Two things struck me about the website when I first entered it. The first was the huge amount of content that the site has, and then the use of colors. I would definitely not call it an appealing website. While waiting for the visitor data results at Statbrain, I continued to investigate the weak points of the existing website. I noticed that there was no logo, consistent navigation bar, or concise use of the content; everything was scattered throughout the homepage. I noted down all the necessary information to make my job easier to rearrange each section needed for the redesign of the website:

  • All Bike links should fall under a general category “Products” in order to limit any hazard caused by scattering around links for bikes and to avoid confusing the user. This link will guarantee that if the user needs to look for a product, new or old, all she can do with a simple click. That also goes for any other items for sale like Trailers, Christmas Gifts, Winter Special or any discounts.
  • Links called “Staff”, “Email Us”, “Location/Contact Details” and “About Us” should be moved into a new category which will function as a ‘contact’, ‘about’ or ‘who we are’ link.
  • Links named “Bying”, “FAQ”, “Site Guide” should fall under another category called “Help” for the same space-saving purposes. This section should be found at the bottom-right of the website as most users expect it to be found there. Also, I suggest including in this category links such as “About Us”, “Find Us”, “Contact Us” as those links are bound to have the same semantic reasoning with the tag “help”. In addition, links such as “Privacy Policy”, “Responsibilities”, “Returns” or even “Delivery” -for selling products online- should be added into this section as it helps to increase users’ respect and the website’s prestige.
  • Due to the vast amount of information of the website, a search area is essential and critical for keeping customers who need to be able to find quickly their area of interest.
  • “What’s On!” might changed into “Events” as it is a term generally accepted and sounds better.  The website visitors indicator should be omitted and replaced by Social Network special links, such as the ‘likes’ of the Facebook. Otherwise, Social Media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress (as this is the one they currently use), Tublr, and Flickr should be seriously considered as it will help the website gain more traffic and visitors.

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