From the available options, I chose ‘Bicylce Doctor’ for the Project 2. First thing I did was to investigate the existing website. Thus I checked the rankings, traffic and in general any other metrics available. However, whenever I see the words “analytics” and “metrics”, what comes into my mind is “Alexa!”.  I felt the need to reconsider this reaction, so I did some research. Now, I don’t know if I should trust Alexa anymore. According to information I gathered, it has become unreliable for analyzing any data it offers.

Specifically, its traffic ranking are based on data collected from users who use the Alexa Toolbar, and it is easy to trick it by increasing the visitors who have it installed. This could be achieved in various ways, for example by inviting techno-geek users from targeted forums. Another easier trick is to visit your pages -or even better have other people do it- several times per day, but, of course, keeping in mind to avoid getting blacklisted. Here you can read more:


and here is another one which also includes the Google Trends:


and another:



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ps. Here is an article to read for advices on better SEO optimizing:


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