Jesus Rodriguez Velasco -


Jesus Rodriguez Velasco’s website, designed from Miguel Ripoll


This website displays excellent typography which gives the viewer the impression of reading something old, almost medieval. The fonts’ size is large and easy to read. The design of the paragraph mimics this of the old books. In order to add more detail, other features were taken into account too, such as the background color. The first letter’s borderline has curves, something which makes a visual impression of an old typography with ink. Finally, the website’s images aid to this optical illusion giving the “old” feeling as they obviously make a connection with the past.



Andy Rutledge -


The personal website of Andy Rutledge, designed by himself.


The basic typeface in this website is used in different ways. Some text is in bold, some other in italics, some other are capitalized, and some used in normal weight.

There is one another calligraphy typeface used in an elegant way, to add another feeling to the website. Someone may say it is a Hollywood style. This can be obvious with those calligraphic words which are (almost all of them) placed above a star symbol. Also the letters are screened in a way that they look like they are carved onto the screen.

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