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Initial Analysis

The bicycledoctor.co.uk has a page rank of 4 according to Google PageRank Checker.

According to Alexa, the website has a reputation of 141 sites linking in. That is a counter for links from other sites that point into the website. However, in order for such a link to be counted, it must be seen/used by users who share their traffic statistics with Alexa -therefore, Alexa can’t be an exact tool. However, it is a good general indicator. The bicycledoctor.co.uk has now a Traffic Rank of 1,870,722. It shows the popularity of the website which is calculated by the average number of visitors and its page views which occurred the last 3 months. Fifty-six percent (56%) of the visitors have just one page view and about a twenty-six percent (26%) of viewers visit the website after they requested a search at a search engine. Those findings show that there is a need for improving the website in terms of SEO, and grasping the visitors’ attention by making it more user-friendly and more pleasant to anyone who visits it.

(note: all findings were checked early December, some results may vary over time)

Here is a screenshot taken from SiteAnalytics.









Target Audience and keywords

In order to build a well structured website, a target audience analysis is essential. The present website is mostly visited by educated males between 35 to 44 years of age. The top search queries which drove visitors to bicycledoctor.co.uk are “what size bike”, which is the most common, followed by the “surly bikes” and “bicycle doctor”. In order to construct the website strategically, it is also necessary to look for general top search queries so as to get a better view of the website’s needs. Some of these are “frame size”, “doctor” and “bicycle”. The Google Insights reveal that the word “bike” is requested in Google Search more than any other. Thus, I considered changing the firm name from ‘Bicycle Doctor’ to ‘The Bike Doctor’. However, I decided to use the ‘The Bicycle Doctor’ since it sounds bolder than the original one and it does not confuse the customers as the name ‘The Bike Doctor’ would.


Structuring the website semantically will make it easily accessible by Search engines. This can be done by reducing the content and any information presented at homepage. It will also prove to be helpful in usability and accessibility issues; people who use screen reader or other devices have to be able to navigate through the site easier than before. In addition, a better navigation is essential and I would consider adding a second navigational bar to enable differentiation of importance of each navigation by making them different in size. A search section is necessary as well, as it will make the navigation experience easier for the user.

In addition to these alterations, changing the content regularly will help in terms of SEO, as search engines will show results from the website more often. Furthermore, a live impression can be given to any visitor through an automated javascript image slider and by uploading news, photos, and videos/podcasts, a live impression can be given to any visitor. A “top products” section can be visible next, below the javascript slider, to enhance this impression.

The existing website uses alt tags for images and title tags for links accompanied by a good description. This strategy is good and it will be kept almost intact in the redesign. Wherever possible, links will follow Fitts’ Law, so that the website will provide an easy navigation experience.

I arranged any links into groups so that any visitor will be able to navigate without extra clicks. Such groups may look like this:

Bikes (contains men’s, women’s and children’s section, road bicycles, mountain bicycles etc)
Brands (for famous firms)
Components (for bike parts customers are interested to)
Services (list for repair services offered, or other services)
Apparel (clothing etc)
Offers (discounts, xmas exclusives etc)
Other Products (for products which don’t fit into any other category)
Costs (Here any cost of a service offered can be found easily)
About Us (information for the stuff and anything corresponding to it, whereabouts will be included)
Contact (contact form, map-location)
Help (any help such as payment, or other issues that customers may face. a FAQ will be included into here)
Events (News and “what is on” sections)

The title tag is relatively long:

Bicycle Doctor – Manchester Rusholme Bicycle Shop – cyclescheme, bmx, brompton, dawes, airnimal, marin, bianchi, tandems, pashley, childrens, women, track, fixie, tricycle – all your cycling needs

It needs to be shortened and to include some popular keywords. My suggestion is:

The Bicycle Doctor | Bikes | Cycles | Repairs | Services

It acts as a webpage title and it only contains essential key words. Using keywords related to the website’s content but keeping them tight and short has proved to be the best practice. In addition to this, description and keywords meta information need to be shortened as well. My description meta tag is:

Bicycle sales and repair services in Manchester, cycling accessories, spares, and clothing from The Bicycle Doctor Shop

In addition, I used the NOODP and NODIR robot meta tags to force search engines to display my description tag instead of portions of the website or the directory information when they display search results.


Website’s validation is actually showing that it is not validated. It can be omitted as it is unnecessary. However, it is essential that the website be checked for HTML and CSS Validation.


Visitors’ counter should be omitted or modernized, i.e. by using a Facebook “like” counter. The existing website offers social connection to Facebook, which is good, but it may not be enough. A modern approach which also implements other social media into the website can be more effective and increase its traffic. Introducing the existing Twitter and WordPress accounts into the homepage is essential as well as creating others, for example Flickr or Tumblr. In addition, adding RSS feeds to the existing blog is a good idea.

Store Information

Opening hours and location information will be included on the homepage as some people may expect this to be found there. I first considered putting such information on top of the homepage, but I decided to move it to the middle in order to keep the upper part clear of any optical disturbance. Any new visitors in a hurry may instead click Help, Contact or About Us links which are obvious on the top of the website.

External links

Any reciprocal link should be omitted as it does not really serve as an external link for the website as Google ignores such attempts. Instead, the website should continue providing useful information such as articles and/or social feeds such as small twitter texts. Thus any beneficial external link will be generated by other people if they appreciate the information.

Color and Look of the website

The website uses a blue and green background which doesn’t make a good combination of colors. Keeping in mind several keywords such as doctor, bicycles, repairs and sales, I chose red, white and black colors for the redesign. Red and white colors represent a medical or health related background. Black color can be linked to manufacturers or other mechanical services, as they are areas full of greases and black stains.


The fonts used were chosen as the type is clean, readable and because it has a service-repair-store look. Also, the type is square-like, something which links to shapes used by the bicycle industry.

In addition to the above, fonts combined with the color red, give a feel that new bicycles have. Images play an important role, as they were chosen carefully to match the look and feel of the homepage.

My redesign











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