Design Professionalism

As the name indicates, this site is quite professional. It is clear, consistent and appealing. Each field is clearly separated; headings, main text, and links provided are readable and easy to understand. No excessive use of typography is used and the typeface is just beautiful. In contrast to many other sites, a very good way of emphasizing is used which rather highlights than downgrade site’s value.



This site uses a personal typography design. In a clever way, it tries to tempt its users to sign up, giving a paperback feeling. The fonts is extremely consistent and readable and there is absolutely no struggle in understanding the content. In addition, the typeface used is visually appealing as it seems to matches with the black and white photographs. The logo is obvious and dynamic and the tagline is clear and informative. Even though the site is not up yet, it already gives some positive feeling and the typography of the site is the reason.



Those sites are both of the same company which provides high resolution pictures of bottles or cans. Even though the topic sounds boring and common, the company managed to make their subject interesting enough. Again, the main reason is typography. When a visitor first enters the site s/he can’t be but curious.

The content constitutes of several headings and paragraphs which have clarity and personality. The color of the fonts is used in an appealing way that works. Each content area is distinctive and it helps for passing the message to viewers.