Sonic Shaker Alarm Clock

Sonic Shaker Alarm ClockSonic Shaker is a practical alarm clock for deaf / hard of hearing or even for those who are deep sleepers. It is equipped with a powerful vibrator and it is designed to be placed under the pillow. Its functionality lies on its small round shape, the commodity of use as it has easy-to-set function buttons, and a manual lighted display which helps to prolong the battery life. It is also provided with an attachable strap so it never fall off the pillow. Its size is ideal. It can be carried around the world and neither does it annoy the sleeper, nor is it too small and difficult to handle once it goes off. You can snooze it just by pressing its side key.



Who hasn’t had one or seen a friend carrying one? Its worldwide success made it a trend in 90’s. It was regarded as a breakthrough technology as it was the first handheld console at that time. The design was simple yet attractive. Its ease of use, the wide range of games titles to choose from along with its portability made it a very popular gadget.






Swiss Army Knifepractical swiss army knife

It can be obvious to anyone how useful and practical this tool is, given the fact the term “Swiss Army knife” is often used metaphorically to describe usefulness and ease of use. It was Invented by Karl Eisner back in 1891 and it featured a wooden handle and a variety of tools including a blade, a screwdriver and a can opener. Its success, translated into numbers, is counted in over than 20.000 units exported from Switzerland every day.


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