Mangal Pharmacy
This site seems to be poorly planned, even though this site uses a readable typeface. Apart than the main heading, there is no clear distinction between other headings and subheadings to paragraphs. The line length (of the main paragraph) is very long, thus making it more difficult for a visitor to keep track of the line. Also, there is a mismatch between the contents of the main block and the news block. In addition, double spacing is used, making a distraction. Last but not least, the content positioning, as well as its color, seem to be dated and boring.


The Company of Maisters
This website is really outrageous, but typography is even more bad. In general the site is aligned to the center. The use of the font sizes is not balanced, as the main content appears to be smaller than the message prompting for the use of email. The line length is big and designed in a way, that cannot be taken seriously by the visitor. In addition the letter spacing is small and makes it difficult to read. Navigation’s fonts are really small and arranged in a very strange and unappealing way.


Bob Hope
If I could illustrate the term “font bombing”, I would use this Bob Hope’s site. The reason is that their main page is full of different posters, something which adds a lot of “noise” into the page. Another reason i dislike this site is link-bombing: the site is full of links. There is no clarity, no clear separation between main text and secondary paragraphs. Also the emphasize usage comes with no special meaning. The color use is dreadful as well, making it difficult to understand the hierarchy of any content.