Inspiration and Desperation

So, CSS resources. I’ve decided to split this blog post into two parts, Inspiration and Desperation.


These are, unsurprisingly, the CSS websites that inspire me.


This is Eric Meyer’s playground, where he explores what can be done in CSS. Not what should be done (most of the examples are not cross-browser friendly), but what can be done. The website is quite old now, but it’s not really the techniques themselves that are inspiring. Rather it is Eric Meyer’s willingness to push the boundaries of CSS, just because he can.

CSS Globe

The best thing about this website is its RSS feed. It’s a mixture of the site owner’s own articles and links to other websites, and more often than not the best articles will be on websites I’ve never heard of. This article on attribute selectors is a case in point.

CSS Beauty

A really nice site which tends to focus on new CSS techniques. Like CSS Globe the RSS feed is better than the actual website.


These are the websites I turn to in despair, when I’m tearing my beard out because nothing is working as it should do.

Position is Everything

This is the most useful website for finding out about Internet Explorer bugs. Mostly it’s IE6, but there are entries for both IE7 and IE8 too. If something is not working in IE6 (and for some reason I have to fix it rather than ignore it) this is where I’ll go first.

W3 Schools

This is the website I turn to if I can’t remember the correct declarations for a selector, or the shorthand for the font declaration. Invaluable.

Inspiration and Desperation

CSS Discuss

CSS discuss is a CSS mailing list, which I believe is administered by Eric Meyer. It’s a very dedicated community who will answer any question you have (with the occassional despairing sigh if you haven’t provided a validated code sample). It’s also fascinating to read about other people’s CSS problems. The discussions range from absolute beginner to very advanced and it’s a really interesting read.

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