General resources

Fuel your Coding

Fuel your Coding is a coding rather than a JavaScript blog (it also has articles on PHP, Ruby, WordPress and others) but there are frequent articles on scripting, and particularly jQuery.

Mozilla Developer Center – JavaScript Guide

An in depth but easy to read guide to JavaScript. It gives succinct explanations of important terms and concepts like variables, expressions, statements and operators.

Script and Style

A useful blog that could have been mentioned in the CSS resources post as well as this one, Script and Style contains links to other articles rather than original aticles. Anyone can submit an article but there is good editorial control which sets it apart from similar, less discerning sites.  As they say, things they don’t love inlcude ‘763 things that 2,356 people have linked to 345,235 times.’


Learning jQuery

Learning jQuery is a really good blog which is aimed at all skill levels. It feels inclusive, whereas some scripting blogs can feel daunting or a bit elitist. The blog is easy to browse with entries sortable by date, category and skill level. A recent post, Great Ways to Learn jQuery, pulled together some of the best jQuery resources on the web.

jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet

There are lots of cheat sheets available for jQuery but this is one of the best. It’s extensive, well organised, nicely commented, frequently updated and nice to look at.

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