For this project I decided to redesign You can see the designs at:

Site analysis

This site does well in the search rankings. It’s the third result in Google when searching for ‘old computers’, and the first two are different pages on the same site – I think this is respectable. is a much bigger site with a much wider remit. by contrast is a personal website, focused on a private collection. The Alexa site ranking of is 179,030 compared to 295,526 Given this I think it would be difficult to overhaul without vastly expanding the scope of the website, which I don’t think is appropriate.

It also performs well searching for specific machines. It’s the second result (below Wikipedia) for Apple Newton and the third result for Altair 8800. It fares less well for some of the better known models – the Commodore 64 for example has many websites devoted to it – but it still gets a reasonable amount of traffic from them.

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