Website Makeover, revisited

By | December 31, 2011

Following on from the crit session at the end of term, and the example site that was recommended by David (along with various other tutorials etc), I have done another couple of redesigns.

I started by amending the drop downs to become some form of menu line (I used JavaScript as I havent yet had time to really experiment with JQuery) with the html versions of the site – I quickly stopped this and reverted the code back to what it was.

I decided instead to dip my toe in the “PHP water” – I did this to become used to PHP and also to make use of the include functionality so simplifying the page content. The end result is a PHP implementation of the aformentioned site (with revised PHP error page now local to site) and includes onmouseover/out menu implementation (not drop down) which includes a timed delay on the menu disappearing thereby solving accessibility issues (I was loathe to do it having invested a lot of time in getting the drop downs to work, but they are a bit of an accessibility nightmare particularly for people with poor hand co-ordination – which includes me after a few beers).

This also meant getting PHP to work locally under IIS which, once I decided not to use the MS Web Installer (PHP install kept failing), was fairly straightforward. I also set up the PHP error page, so this works locally as well.

Apart from the PHP conversion and replacing the drop down menus the only other changes were a couple of minor tweaks to the text, moving the search box slightly to line up with the adddress, and the inclusion of a twitter icon/link.

Anyway see what you think both the PHP and HTML versions can be viewed below.

PHP Version (timed onmouseover menus, not drop downs) – click here

HTML Version (drop down) – click here

I have also included a link to download the PHP (and HTML) site source – click here to download/view a ZIP version of the site.