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CMS Extended Blog: Web Advertising Models

By | March 31, 2012

“A webmaster can generate revenue by selling advertising space. How does the webmaster make money from the adverts?” Original presentation is available on Speaker Deck at Extended blog post available as a

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Applied Art for the Web: Grids in Web Design

By | January 25, 2012

This blog was converted from a PDF document verbatim. Purpose The purpose of this document is to examine the use of Grids in web design, in doing so we will be having a look at some of the concepts behind the use of the Grid System and looking at the benefits that grids can have […]

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Website Makeover, revisited

By | December 31, 2011

Following on from the crit session at the end of term, and the example site that was recommended by David (along with various other tutorials etc), I have done another couple of redesigns. I started by amending the drop downs to become some form of menu line (I used JavaScript as I havent yet […]

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Website Makeover

By | December 14, 2011

Phew… another late night (and I’ve managed to miss Applied Art as a result of the amount of coursework/deadlines). Anyway after much playing about (and hair pulling in Photoshop) I’ve managed to do a site revamp for the Bike Shop. The screenshots below show before and after images (hopefully you can see which is which), […]

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Going to the Dogs

By | December 11, 2011

Not a life statement (although sometimes it feels that way) but rather a quick analysis of the development of my Film Promotion site.

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Websites that Suck (and fonts)

By | November 29, 2011

Typical bad examples of all things web can be found at Web Sites that Suck they focus on aspects including use of colour, font, usability etc.

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Richardson’s Specialist Bakers

By | November 23, 2011

Phew, got there in the end… Having a week away certainly made it very difficult to catch up with the Web Design Project (lots of late nights fuelled by Becks & white wine, etc). Anyway – I got there in the end and if you want to see my results you can view it here […]

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Coursework Website – Basic Styling

By | October 24, 2011

Create 3 different style sheets for your original website design, link them to your site using the stylesheet & alternate stylesheet link types. Much playing about with the styles, containers etc, the design is just there to illustrate use of different styling techniques and so on. Of the 3 styles I’ve used I prefer the […]

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Coursework Website

By | October 19, 2011

Create a simple 4 page website, one homepage (index.html) and 3 sub-pages in order to showcase the three examples of good design… no CSS… focus on XHTML alone Well finally here it is a basic unformatted website, hosted courtesy of Eco Web Hosts – and boy does it look ugly!! Looking forward to the reviews […]

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3 New Websites

By | October 12, 2011

Your client has asked you to come up with some ideas for 3 new websites: The Dead Sea Squirrels, an upcoming indie rock band from Sheffield Beech Farm, a homely bed and breakfast in Cornwall Primary Health, a private healthcare company based in London In each case, find a number of websites that you would […]

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