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Back to the future

Originally roman forum was a public square, reserved primarily for the vending of goods like marketplace. In addition to its standard function as a marketplace, a forum was a gathering place of great social significance, and often the scene of diverse activities, including political discussions, debates and meetings.

Internet forums perform a function similar to that of dial-up bulletin board systems and Usenet networks that were first created starting in the late 1970s. Early web-based forums date back as far as 1994, with the WITproject from W3 Consortium and starting from this time, many alternatives were created.

An Internet forum is a discussion area on a website. Website members can post discussions and read and respond to posts by other forum members. An Internet forum can be focused on nearly any subject and a sense of an online community, or virtual community, tends to develop among forum members. Read more »

I knew last week: HTML5 or HTML 5

Let me start saying that HTML5 is the first hypertext markup language, which finally officialy has its own logo.

HTML5 was developed by a third party company formed by some developers that found w3c new HTML model unreliable. After w3c officially announced that XHTML 2.0 model of forbidding everything which was before and starting from a blank page won’t see it’s future html5 became a topic which everybody were talking about. Read more »

Grids in web design

These days the number of web designers rises continuously. Every second person wants to be a web designer; maybe it’s not his a full time job at the moment, but he is very passionate about it and has dreams and plans for the future. Some of them are home-learners; some of them start their developing or designing career in a garage. However there is something in common between them.

When I first time tried to set up apache and create my first website, it was 4 years ago, I messed up and gave everything up. Maybe it wasn’t right time for it. Then after some time, when so-called info-business just started to grow in my country, I tried to create a landing page for an info-product of one friend of mine. Since that my first webpage was ready and published on the Internet. As I remember it was quite ugly, I didn’t realize that there are some special rules and technic and that everything has its own sense, when you are building your website.

My first page consisted of huge number of extra tags and inline styles. I didn’t know anything about div elements and why and what is more important where I should use them. When one friend of mine told me that he uses liquid and fixed layouts I realized that this web design isn’t limited by those poor knowledge I had. My first attempts of learning started from same info-products. Guy on the example of his landing page was explaining how you should use HTML and CSS.

First time when I heard about “Ruby on Rails” I thought; is it a train or restaurant? However only after I started to study in the University of Greenwich I could realize how much I need to learn. Learning stuff that you like is a real joy and, despite of sleepless nights and mornings in rush I still believe that there is no better craft then web design.

So, lets think what rules can be applied to web and how we can benefit on them. Read more »

Project 2: YumYum

Hi! Redesign of website. Click here…

Release 2: Web Project 1

Hi all! Very fresh release of the web project 1 Warm Bean Coffee Shop.

Release 1: Web Project 1.

Hi guys! This is my Web Project website Warm Bean Coffee Shop.

Nice colour scheme

Hi. What is a right colour scheme? There are some tools which can help to choose technically appropriate colours of your web site. Although the main factor of nice colour composition is a man perception and creative imagination.

Here are some examples of websites where this approach, in my oppinion, reached successfully.

The width famous website of a well-known brand Apple.

Example of good web design


I’m on the main page. First idea which is comming in my head is – “I want an iPhone!”. I clearly realize that I don’t have any particular reason to buy it though. The image of the gadget which attracts attention of millions is pretty well sits on the center of the main page.

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Unpredictable web design

Hi. My name is Yaroslav.

Today we’re gonna talk about that what web design shouldn’t look like. I prepared some examples of web pages that we will be analysing and I’ll try to explain why I consider these web design instants as unsuitable.

The first website is the example of ice age design.

Example of bad web design

Ice age design

The first thing that annoys most it is an image on the top of the page. It’s size is 1950px × 1050px (scaled to 749px × 402px) which is 1047.29 kB (1072421 bytes). Even with fast internet the loading takes a while. Links in left menu are unreadable and don’t really look like links. Although the structure of the page exists it is made very ugly. This as I mentioned above is an example of very unprofessional and old website.

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New style

Hi again! I did’t eat since this morning. So hungry!

But! My portfolio-website has got his new style.

Happy to introduce! My new website.

Have I done it?

Hi guys! I just didn’t put the link of my photo-website on my blog. Here you go!